When you go on a plane ride, it feels like it takes forever for the plane to lift off. Imagine having to sit in an airplane for 32 hours – one day and eight hours – without it even taking off. (Most journalism writing guides indicate that numbers from one to ten should be spelled out; higher figures shown as numerals.)

Two hundred and seventy-three (However, do not start a paragraph with a numeral.) passengers were stranded in an Air Canada plane in Costa Rica. “It was technically a ‘reconciliation error’ between [the] computer count and the physical passenger count on board which revealed one person was missing. For safety and security reasons, aircraft cannot depart in such situations,” Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said.

Passengers on this plane were furious at Air Canada. Some travellers in economy complained about lack of access to food and water, and poor air circulation. Some people in the business class complained that the condition of the grounded plane was poor. It looks like Air Canada has some unhappy customers who may never go aboard one of their flights again.

Preanka’s Point of View: The lesson for me is that some things are beyond our control. We have to accept such situations without choosing to be upset, and feeling miserable. We have to make the best of the circumstances.

Written By : Preanka Naren